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About Us
The Monkey Zone
is an education technology company based in Denver, Colorado. Since 2008, The Monkey Zone has been developing web-based learning products according to feedback from teachers and students in the United States and around the world. We bring together the latest in user interface design and adaptive learning technologies to create the most effective online learning environment possible for students and teachers.
Our Mission
is to provide quality educational tools to all public, private and home school students and teachers. We strongly believe that all students deserve an equal opportunity to succeed in education, regardless of financial means. We also believe that now, more than ever, teachers need access to effective learning technologies that reduce their workload and improve student performance. We pledge to work deligently with teachers and students to continue to provide the highest quality tools and services possible to meet these goals.
Our Products
offer online skill-building technologies for use both at home and in the classroom. Our self-grading assignments allows teachers to quickly and easily create and send assignments to a single student or an entire class, providing teachers with immediate feedback and adaptability in the classroom environment. The Monkey Zone's intelligent delivery system also includes real-time feedback for students, both during assignments and when working independently, helping improve student accuracy, confidence, and overall performance. Most importantly, though, our products make learning fun and easy so teachers, parents, and students can benefit more from the educational process.
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