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July 14, 2011

Identifying Vowels and Consonants in the Alphabet

One of the first steps in building an understanding of phonics and spelling is the separation of consonants and vowels. Recognizing these two distinct groups of letters within the alphabet prepares students with the foundation required for syllabication and spelling conventions presented in later reading lessons.

Identifying vowels in the alphabet.

Grasping the entire alphabet

This first set of vowel exercises presents students with both small subsets of neighboring letters as well as an entire view of the alphabet. Both formats present different challenges for students. In the case of the smaller, randomized sets of letters, students are required to mentally construct a larger organizational framework without any visual aids.

Finding vowels in a random sequence.

In the case of exercises displaying the entire alphabet, students are required to process and filter much more information in order to complete the problem. Over the course of several problems, students will quickly learn, however, the placement of each vowel within the alphabet by means of highlighting reinforcement.

Working with Y

At this early stage we've chosen not to include the letter Y to prevent confusion over its dual role as a consonant and vowel in different words. More exercises will be coming in the near future to address the usage of this letter in different contexts.

Subject: English
Grade Levels: Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st Grade
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