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The Monkey Zone's European geography exercises enable students to discover all the countries of Europe through multiple formats. Due to the number of countries in Europe, we have split our exercises into four sections: western, central, southern, and eastern countries.

Learn European countries.

Starting Simple - Western Countries

This is the best place for children to start when learning the geography of Europe. Children learn to identify many large nations prominent to most world history classes. Countries include France, Spain, Belgium, Ireland, and The United Kingdoms.

Click on the map to explore Europe.

Central Countries

This section encompasses more large nations that are more easily recognized. Some countries included are Italy, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

Expand your geographic skills.

Challenge Yourself - Southern Countries

There are nations in this section that many adults struggle to identify! Nations in the south tend to be geographically smaller, and thus more difficult to memorize. Nations include Romania, Greece, Yugoslavia, Slovenia, and Croatia.

Use interactive tools to practice your geography.

Northern Countries

Once again, these countries tend to be more difficult to identify. This sections requires students to identify nations such as Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland, and Latvia.

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Grade Levels:
Political Maps: 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade
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