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Beginning with the numbers 1 through 9, our counting exercises lead students from recognizing numbers through ordering them in the proper sequence.Identifying numbersWe begin with drawing and speaking the numbers 0 through 9 in a... Read more


The Monkey Zone's Addition exercises begin by adding 0 or 1 to a random sequence of small numbers. The game grows progressively harder as the child learns and improves.Passing the TestA simple program with fun animation gives the... Read more


Subtraction starts off using small numbers for fundamental skill building. As students progress, they practice working with multiple digits and borrowing numbers. Small NumbersChildren start with single-digit numbers in order to... Read more


Students begin practicing the fundamentals by multiplying single-digit numbers. As children progress they begin using larger numbers so they may practice their ability to carrying. The most difficult problem sets require students... Read more


The Monkey Zone makes division come to life through fun animations and audio/visual feedback. These exercises require students to solve problems in three formats: supply the answer, true/false, and multiple choice.Small... Read more


Fractions are easily learned through numerous visual and verbal aids. Our exercises take on many different formats to ensure that students are challenged. The Monkey Zone's fraction exercises have two different difficulty... Read more
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