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Assigning consonants to images.

Initial Consonant Sounds from B to G

In this update to our Kindergarten English eWorkbook, we've released a couple hundred exercises focusing on initial consonant sounds from B to G. These exercises touch on 14 of the Common Core standards in Kindergarten ELA for Language and Reading Foundational Skills.

In this module we present basic single-syllable sight words are along with vocabulary images and individual letters to introduce students to the initial phonetic sounds of these letters.

Identifying numbers in Spanish

Spanish Number Exercises from Zero to Ten

The Monkey Zone is excited to present its first set of foreign language exercises. Given the number of Spanish speakers in the United States, we decided to focus on Spanish as our first set of foreign language materials. We hope that students, parents, and teachers will all benefit from easily-accessible exercises that help begin and further grow their foreign language abilities.

This release includes approximately 150 exercises for our Spanish 1 eWorkbook. We focus on presenting the numbers ze...